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Florence – The Cradle of Renaissance
Live – Thursday 08/20/2020 – 4 PM US EDT (NY TIME)

With our expert guide, from your home, learn about the history of this fascinating city: FLORENCE.
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Why take this virtual tour class?

What makes Florence so famous? 
Why was it considered the hearth of the Western World during Renaissance? 
Florence is a small, walkable city but so precious and full of treasures. Let’s have a quick dip into the History of the Capital City of Tuscany. 
From the Roman period to the 16th century. From the Medieval towers and the Old Bridge, to one of the most impressive sculptures by Michelangelo, the David. 
How was it possible? Three artists as Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael in the same city, in the same period of time. We’ll talk about the squares (piazzas), the Cathedral with the famous Dome by Brunelleschi, the lifestyle of the merchants and bankers and maybe some gossip.


Tour includes:

  • Licensed private guide
  • 1 hour live presentation
  • Possibility of interaction: ask your questions to your guide
  • Pictures and possible videos


  • Overview History of the origins of Florence
  • The most important monuments of the city
  • The great Renaissance family
  • Why is Florence such an important city to visit

Virtual Tour Price

$35,00 $19,90

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Meet our guide

Claretta Guatteri our guide in Florence.

I was born in Florence in 1967. I spent a part of my life in the Tuscan countryside where I fell in love with nature. I’ve studied foreign languages, literature and art history in Florence where I still live. 

Being in touch with beauty gave me the key to open many doors. Art, like music and poetry taught me how to improve myself and I decided to share this passion with my neighbor. I have worked abroad for a few years  London (my British experience at Harrods) Dubai and Greece as tour guide.  I got married and I had my only child who is now 12. I had a great experience teaching Italian and poetry for some University in Florence (Study Abroad Programs). 10 years ago I started working as tour guide in Florence. My profession is a perfect combination of many of my interests. I feel gratitude.

Interactive Virtual class!

Q & A section included – ask your questions to our amazing guide!

Tour Description

In these moments of world lockdown the show must go on, Transforming our tours into virtual experiences. This is the case of our amazing class experience about the city of Florence through the eyes and explanations of Claretta, one of our guides, who works everyday in the city.

With Claretta through ZOOM, we will learn everything behind the life in Florence before the modern times came,  learn about the most powerful family in the city  and, of course, see the pictures of its most important monuments.

We will see pictures, and get to know what really happened in Florence during the Renaissance times.

All you need is a PC, a good connecting and the love for our city.

Stay connected and see you on-line!

Virtual Tour Price

$35,00 $19,90

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$35,00 $19,90

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$35,00 $19,90