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LIKE ON A REAL TOUR, THIS VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE IS PRIVATE, ONLY FOR YOU AND/OR YOUR PARTY. NOBODY ELSE! Thanks to your guide you would be able to learn about the major sites of Rome, directly from your home, through an interactive presentation and amazing videos.


Only for your
private party
(up to 8 people)


1:30 hour

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Remember to add up your preferred date and time when you check out for payment IN THE SECTION “NOTE” and together we will pick the perfect option as luca will reach out to you personally!

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I’m Luca!

The Best Part

It would be only you, or your party, together with Luca. You will be able to interact with Luca, ask him questions, talk more in depth about Rome. Luca will be there at your disposal, answering all your questions, like he always does on his tours.

Why take this virtual tour class?

Directly from your living room or while sipping a coffee in front of your PC, connect with us via Zoom, and learn about the history of one of the most famous monuments in the World: the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, the Pantheon and more.
Luca, with his knowledge of the city, will guide you through videos in search of these enchanting gems.

Piazza Navona and its unique Baroque style and its amazing fountains.
The Pantheon, the most well-preserved monument of the city, in the middle of Rome, there for you.
The Spanish Steps, the symbol of the “movida” of Rome, with the elegance of its many high-end stores.
The Trevi Fountain: there in many movies, there for all of you: toss the coin in the fountain. Tough to do it now.
The Colosseum: enter the Colosseum with us from far away and, through the eyes of Luca, take a look at its inside (Luca was able to film it, right before lock down).
The Circus Maximus: the site of the chariot racings that entertained the Romans for centuries.
The Key Hole: hey… stay tuned and check it out!

Taking this experience and making it private only for your party adds much more to it. A personal touch that Luca is used to grant on his private tours.

Of course in these crazy moments, this experience is the best you can opt for to get to know more about Rome, about its history, about its elegance. Luca will introduce you to Rome and the Ancient Romans, through an initial slide presentation, followed by a presentation of the major monuments of Rome through amazing videos.


Tour includes:

  • Luca, owner of RPE leading you virtually through the City
  • Ancient Rome slide presentation
  • 1.5 hr section
  • Possibility of interaction: ask your questions to your guide
  • Videos of the best sites of Rome, explained by Luca


  • Piazza Navona
  • Pantheon
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps
  • Colosseum
  • Circus Maximus
  • Key Hole
  • Church of Quo Vadis and Catacomb area
  • The Appian Way

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Meet our guide

Luca is a well-educated and driven entrepreneur, who has taken over the private touring field. He is always ready to show the world what Italy means to him and could overwhelm any respectable scholar. Armed with his linguistic education, multiple years of archaeological and historical knowledge, Luca has revolutionized the Private touring sector. He is best expressed as lighthearted, with a deep passion for whatever he does, matched with a great, yet humble, honor.

Interactive Virtual class!

Q & A section included – ask your questions to our amazing guide!

Tour Description

Luca will entertain you through videos taken in these days to bring Rome alive to your eyes even if from far away.
Video after video he will entertain you, he will be able to answer all your questions and add more info. Ask all you need and you will be given the best answer from the best expert.

Just an amazing virtual experience. With Luca through ZOOM, we will learn the history behind the major sites of Rome, we will see pictures and videos, and get to know what happened in here 2000 years ago. All you need is a PC, a good connecting and the love for our city.

And what is amazing about this experience? From so far away you will learn about Rome in depth. See all the monuments of Rome only for you and your party, privately with your personal guide: Luca.

Stay connected and see you on-line!

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Zoom Video Tours and experience of Italy.

We have done a number of video tours and videos of cooking with Luca Orlandi. They have all been very interesting and provided a lot of knowledge about the various areas. Luca does these with a lot of personal experience put in them in a very fun way. We have been able to see a lot of the various regions of Italy and also Croatia and Montenegro. He also provided sessions about the history of Rome and Italy that where excellent. [...]

Louis U

Virtual Italian Experiences

If you can't make it to Rome but you would like to know more about Italy, and its destinations, or even the food, then you need to watch Luca's virtual tours as well! He has done a great job of helping you to learn about Italy! He also has authentic Italian cooking videos as well. Check him out! [...]


Virtual tour: Colosseum and the Gladiators

This virtual tour, arranged by Luca Orlando and presented by Giulietta Seme delved into many aspects of the beautiful Colosseum in Rome. She presented us with many very fascinating historical facts including architecture, building materials, seating, and a look into the inner spaces where wild animals were kept. We met some of the ancient gladiators and saw the weapons and armors that they used. We also learned about some of the rulers who lived during the days of the gladiators. Both Giulietta and Luca answered our questions when the tour was over. I’ve participated in several of the virtual tours presented by Luca and other experts and this was definitely one of the best. [...]

John Colonghi

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What part of Italy would you like to see on the virtual tour?

We will lead you virtually through the most beautiful spots of Rome, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. You will admire the beauties of Italy sat at your table or from your living-room.

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